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Long-Term Loans Viola Funding May 31, 2023

Viola Funding Limited is an international lending/finance company. We provide a wide range of financial and consulting services for the private and public sectors of the economy in many countries around the world. We offer long-term loans from US$50 million and above with flexible repayment terms and interest for a maximum period of 20 years, tailored to the financial flows of the specific business or investment project.

We are experts in business financing, which is why we guarantee quick and effective adjustment of loan conditions to your expectations and needs. Viola Funding Limited offers its services to companies promoting long-term projects in energy, heavy industry, infrastructure, agriculture, real estate, tourism and other sectors.

Our company offers loans for the following investment projects:

  • Large energy facilities: solar farms, wind farms, thermal power plants of all types, hydroelectric power plants, electrical substations, etc.
  • Oil and gas projects: liquefied natural gas plants, LNG regasification terminals, refineries, compressor stations for gas pipelines, etc.
  • Extraction and processing of raw materials: mining and processing plants, mines, quarries, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, metallurgical plants, etc.
  • Infrastructure projects: seaports and container terminals, housing complex, roads and railroads.
  • Environmental projects: waste treatment plants, chemical waste treatment systems, water treatment.

The main precedence of working with VIOLA FUNDING LIMITED is also fast loan processing and attraction of significant investments, depending on the needs of your project. Contact us at any time to learn more