Financing and loans for Compressor stations of main gas pipelines viola-funding May 27, 2024

Financing and loans for Compressor stations of main gas pipelines

Compressor stations of gas pipelines
Compressor stations of gas pipelines

The length of the world’s natural gas pipelines is 30 times the circumference of the Earth, and the efficient and safe management of this network is an important task for gas distribution companies through Compressor stations gas pipelines

Usually the distance between stations varies from 60 to 120 kilometers, so a large gas pipeline may require dozens of expensive compressor stations worth several million euros each.

Viola Funding Limited, provides financial and consulting services in the field of natural gas production and distribution around the world. We offer project finance (PF), long-term loans, loan guarantees, refinancing, financial modeling services and more.

The construction of compressor stations requires multimillion investments, so external financing and long-term financing instruments are of great interest to owners and operators.

Long-term investment loans for the construction of compressor stations of gas pipelines can be financed using leasing instruments.

These facilities are complex engineering solutions adapted to the particular pipeline and gas composition.

If you are looking for financing for stations and pipelines or other gas distribution projects, we can find the best solution for your business.

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