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Mineral Fertilizers Plant Loans Viola Funding May 31, 2023

The chemical industry plays a prominent role in integrating value chains and alongside, offer an important contribution to the global economy. Capital investment in the construction and modernization of chemical plants rose by almost a third between 2005 and 2015, exceeding $200 trillion on the eve of the pandemic. This forecast was made available by the European Council of the Chemical Industry (CEFIC). According to experts, the demand for the products of chemical enterprises in the coming decades will grow by 4-5% per year. The global chemicals industry continues to grow amid favorable long-term forecasts. Petrochemical sector continues to play an important role in the structure of the chemical industry.

Our flexible loan and financing solutions support the development of the industry locally and internationally by providing access to large loans and complex project finance instruments. We have accumulated enough knowledge, experience and technology to promote the development of the chemical industry in all areas.

VIOLA FUNDING LIMITED offers a collateral free funding to the following:

  • Large loans for the construction and modernization of chemical plants.
  • Refinancing of debts of chemical industry enterprises.
  • Services in the field of financial engineering and financial modeling.

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