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Foreign direct investment for business

Foreign direct investment for business and innovative projects
Foreign direct investment for business and innovative projects

As defined by the International Monetary Fund, foreign direct investment for business is funds provided by investors to achieve a permanent presence in a foreign business (sector). An integral feature of this type of investment is the transfer of technological solutions, as well as the adaptation of modern management methods.

Large projects require the attraction of significant funds, which are often impossible to obtain without foreign investors.

The main goal of this form of investment can be to obtain shares in existing companies (the so-called brownfield investment) or to create a new enterprise from scratch (greenfield investment).

Our finance team will help you choose the optimal financing model, contributing to the smooth implementation of the project.

VIOLA FUNNDING LIMITED promotes long-term foreign direct investment for large projects in Europe and beyond.

Foreign direct investment for innovative projects

Liberalization of foreign policy, high costs for research and development, strict control and protection of intangible assets have made foreign direct investment one of the main channels of access to valuable technologies in emerging markets.

However, internal innovation capacity is often insufficient to create a sufficient competitive advantage, as evidenced by the different levels of development of national economies, sectors or enterprises around the world.

Observations from countries around the world show that foreign direct investment, accompanied by technology transfer, facilitates technology adaptation, the movement of experienced staff between organizations, and the development of vertical connections within cooperating units and their supply chains.

It should be stated that the innovativeness and competitiveness of enterprises in the 21st century is closely related to the awareness and degree of use of intangible resources. Innovative products, modern technologies and methods of organization and management determine the competitive potential of economic entities. For this reason, innovation and competitiveness are interdependent.

The most recorded advantages of foreign direct investment for business inflows affecting business competitiveness include:

• Acquisition of modern knowledge through partnerships with foreign firms, including advanced technical, financial and organizational knowledge.

• Growth of the national economy due to the widespread adoption of solutions that exist in organizations owned by foreign investors.

• Improving management methods: cost control, financial planning, resource management, labor efficiency, etc.

• Obtaining advanced technologies, including foreign equipment and machinery.

Viola Funding Limited is ready to become your reliable partner in the search for international partners for the implementation of the most ambitious projects.

We have successfully collaborated with companies and government agencies in many countries to provide customized solutions for long-term success.

How to choose the right source of project financing

Foreign direct investment for business is examined as main source of financing for your business or be used along with other sources such as bank loans from any European largest banks.

When it comes to the implementation of large projects in the field of energy, industry or infrastructure, companies can demand billions of euros for a period of 10-15 years or even more.

Funding sources will vary depending on the specifics of the business and industry.

Equity capital: This source of funding is the best option for any project. In addition, it is the cheapest option for financing projects, since the business does not need to pay interest. You can spend your own funds for any purpose. You are not required to report these costs and agree with investors. This freedom is not available to most other funding sources.

Business income (self-financing): Unfortunately, many large projects require colossal investments in the early stages, but they only generate sufficient cash flows several years after launch. For this reason, only large companies with a strong financial position can afford this source of funding.

Gratuitous grants: Grants as a source of funding for projects are characterized by the fact that they are provided for a specific purpose by government agencies. An additional advantage of this source is that after meeting the necessary requirements, the company will not return the funds received or will return only a limited part of them without interest.

Leasing: Currently, leasing is a complex and diverse financial mechanism that includes a number of models (for example, the well-known leverage leasing for the implementation of large projects). Leasing can be viewed as one of the forms of attracting foreign investment for the implementation of large energy, industrial and infrastructure projects.

Venture capital: Typically, venture capital funds provide financial resources for the construction of a new facility, the opening of a production line, the development of infrastructure, etc. They take a high risk and in return expect significant growth of the company in a short time, contributing to the implementation of a specific project.

Venture capital funds are specialized financial institutions that invest in new companies. As with business angels, venture capital funds buy shares of a particular company, which ensures the safety of the investment.

Viola funding limited has well-established contacts with  foreign direct investment for business and venture capital funds and large entrepreneurs in Europe and other continents of the world.

We will help your business find a source of financing for a new project on favorable terms.

Key recommendations for attracting long-term investments

Investors represent an important competitive advantage for any company.

A study by the World Bank highlights transparency and incentives as key factors in attracting foreign investors.

With a stable economic base, a business must choose the right strategy to attract new investors and keep them in the long term.

The most essential requirements for attracting a foreign direct investment for business are listed below; 

• Government incentives: Investors are looking for various incentives, including interstate agreements, tax cuts and other factors that allow them to use their funds more efficiently.

• Investment security guarantees: With any type of investment, guarantees are the key to maintaining or expanding long-term financial flows. For this, it is important to explain the organizational nuances and provide the investor with legal protection, which is included in the investment process.

To effectively manage these aspects, it is essential to hire a professional team specialized in project finance.

Knowledge of the local financial market and international markets, as well as all related factors, will create ideal prospects for improving relations with potential investors.

Condition to get foreign direct investment for business is the creation of a network of interested companies in different parts of the world.

Viola Funding Limited is ready to act as your guarantor and professional advisor when seeking funding.

If you are interested in obtaining long-term foreign investment, contact Viola Funding financial specialists for a free consultation at any time.

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