Business, funding and consulting services from Viola Funding Limited viola-funding October 22, 2023

Business, funding and consulting services from Viola Funding Limited

Financial and business consulting service
Financial and business consulting service from Viola Funding Limited

Technological progress, the rapid spread of innovative technologies in the energy sector, industry, transport and other areas creates a demand for financial and business consulting service of financial companies.

According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the demand for financial services has been growing in recent years, including financial modeling and finding cheap sources of funds for large projects around the world.

Business owners are aware of how difficult it is to properly manage assets and finance projects in the face of uncertainty.

The role of engineering and financial consulting is growing every year.

VIOLA FUNDING LIMITED offers the following services:

Project financing and creation of an SPV to raise funds.
Professional financial engineering and financial modeling.
Attracting funding sources in USA and the European countries.
Providing loan guarantees to support the business.

Viola Funding works with high-net-worth angel investors banks and venture capital funds, providing the client with a wide range of financial instruments to embody the most daring ideas.

The role of consulting financial advisor for a business

Modern financial and business consulting service that deals with investing, finding the best financial solutions, as well as choosing the best loan offers for a specific project.

A financial consultant is able to show the management of the company the best decisions from a financial point of view.

Professional financial advisors from VIOLA FUNDING LIMITED have a thorough knowledge of the financial market and have extensive experience in helping clients in difficult financial situations.

Financial and business consulting service poised towards planning the company’s finances based on the current financial prospects.

We, at VIOLA FUNDING team offers the following services:

Professional financial modeling.
Development of a financial plan based on the needs of the client.
Conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s financial position.
Attraction of large bank loans or private investments.
Search for the best options for financing the project.
Identifying the best investment opportunities.
Assistance in choosing a bank for the company.
Providing advice on current issues.

Are you in need of a major investment?

Are you looking for financial partners for the implementation of large projects in Europe or beyond?

Contact us for professional advice

Professional financial, business and engineering services for large projects

The basis of our work is expertise and comprehensive application of technical knowledge, the ability to adapt and avoid template solutions. Rich experience in engineering activities around the world, responsibility, trust and commitment to the interests of our clients form the basis for finding the right solution in all projects entrusted to us.

We satisfy them with a high degree of reliability, relying on modern technology and precise coordination.

Being a consulting engineer means for our company to provide the advanced knowledge, experience and technology for the successful implementation of each project.

Providing high quality turnkey engineering services, our partners have earned recognition as reliable EPC contractors. We provide investment consulting and attract the necessary financing on the most favorable terms.

For each project, we assign a qualified team, which develops the appropriate plans and programs, and then carries out the supervision and technical inspections according to the agreed schedule.

Viola Funding Funding and partners cooperates with major scientific institutions, leading European universities and equipment suppliers in Spain and other countries.

When should you contact a financial advisor?

Many companies decide to seek the help of a financial advisor only when their situation becomes very difficult.

Unfortunately, these services are seen as a lifeline from bankruptcy. But financial consulting is primarily designed to prevent such situations.

Based on many years of experience, we recommend a business to seek advisory services at an early stage of investment planning or obtaining a loan. Our team will suggest the best solution for each situation.

Financial and business consulting service has the knowledge and experience that you still need to gain. With it, you can get started right away. Plus, you save money by minimizing the risk of bad investments.

Thanks to us, obtaining a loan, factoring and leasing will become faster and more reliable. The financial advisor knows which banks and other financial institutions will easily finance your profile investments. Our tax consultants will also provide you with comprehensive advice on issues related to optimization of taxation and government fees.

The benefits of working with Viola Funding Limited do not end there. We are ready to offer you unique solutions designed specifically for your company at every stage of its life cycle. For example, the optimal model for financing a specific project.

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