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Investments in the renewable energy sector

Renewable Energy investments
Renewable Energy investments in the global world

Recently, there has been a clear trend towards increasing investments in the renewable energy remains the principle that human use of energy meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable energy development strategies are usually based on renewable energy production technologies and energy conservation methods.

Global investments in the renewable energy sector today, means developing sources such as solar plant financing, wind, and tidal energy. Despite numerous technical, financial and regulatory barriers,, renewable energy costs have declined significantly in recent years.

Our company, Viola Funding Limited is heading investments in renewable energy projects, offering large clients around the world flexible financial models and customized investment solutions tailored to the needs of a particular business.

Chances for investing in renewable energy

Investing in the renewable energy sources is taking shape than ever before. The rapid development of technology, the reduction in the cost of green energy, along with the skyrocketing of fossil fuel prices in Europe and the world, has led to the fact that some current investments in solar power plants and wind farms can pay for themselves completely within 1-2 years.

Rystad Energy has it that total amount of investment in this sector to almost half a trillion dollars. This will be the first year in history that RES funding will exceed the oil and gas industry ($446 billion). It seems that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has pushed the traditional O&G industry into the abyss, and now the long-term focus of large energy companies has finally shifted towards green energy and Financing and Loans for Wind Farm

Long-term financing of wind farms, large-scale solar power plants, geothermal facilities, biomass thermal power plants, as well as the accelerated development of the green hydrogen and innovative energy storage technologies will form the foundation for sustainable growth of the world economy in the coming decade. Our team is already building the future by providing long-term investment loans and helping customers around the world finance capital-intensive renewable energy facilities using advanced project finance tools.

Investments in solar energy

Solar power plants are the world’s largest source of renewable energy, and investment in solar energy production and storage is growing at a furious pace, outpacing other areas. Solar power generation grew by 23% in 2021 on the back of rising fossil fuel prices. Global investment in solar power plants exceeded $120 billion in the first 6 months of 2022.

Wind energy sector

Wind power has become so accessible and cheap today that wind farms can easily compete with thermal power plants without government support. Especially attractive are large offshore projects that generate the cheapest electricity on an industrial scale, such as Hornsea 2 in the United Kingdom (165 wind turbines, 1.3 GW of installed capacity).

Hydropower investments

Among renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power plants are very durable. Many of the existing stations have been in operation for more than 100 years, undergoing regular upgrades. In addition, hydropower plants are environmentally friendly and have low emissions. The “retribution” for these advantages is the huge scale of construction work and high construction costs, as well as limited choice of locations for the construction of large hydropower plants.

Global investment in hydropower has greatly contributed to industrial growth in previous decades, as large hydropower plants allow electricity to be generated on an industrial scale based on simple engineering solutions. Giant hydroelectric power plants built throughout the 20th century in the USA, USSR, China, Brazil and Canada illustrate the history of the “golden age” of hydropower sector.

Biomass energy

Biomethane is obtained both from waste and residues of crop production and animal husbandry. Such alternative energy sources can be used in the electrical network or heating network, both for the needs of the enterprise and for domestic consumption. Biomass briquettes are used in developing countries as an alternative to charcoal. This controversive method involves converting almost any plant material into compressed briquettes, which typically have about 70% of the heating value of charcoal.

Geothermal energy Investments

Geothermal energy is considered a sustainable and renewable source of energy because the heat extraction is small compared to the heat content of the Earth. Greenhouse gas emissions from geothermal power plants average 45 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour of electricity, or less than 5% compared to conventional coal-fired power plants. According to experts, geothermal energy can cover up to 5% of global demand for electricity and heat by 2050. With adequate funding and technical innovation, 10% of global demand could be met by 2100.

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