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Construction engineering and Investments

Construction engineering and Investments
Construction engineering and Investments

The growth of investment engineering began at the end of the twentieth century with the emergence of new requirements of customer companies for large projects. Investment and construction engineering companies today provide a wide range of services related to construction engineering and Investments, financing, and further operation of large facilities.

This innovative activity is widespread in such areas as energy and renewable energy, heavy industry, mining and processing of minerals, infrastructure, oil and gas sector, etc.

Today, this activity should cover technical, financial, legal, environmental and many other aspects.

General contractors implementing large investment projects under an EPC contract must have qualified multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with experienced contractors from different fields.

We carry out investment planning, project analysis and appraisal, engineering design, construction and operation, and are also responsible for project financing.

Viola Funding Limited offers the implementation of large investment projects and construction engineering and Investments projects around the world.

Implementation of investment projects on a turnkey basis

Starting from the general idea of the future facility, the engineering team develops functional and structural concepts, drawings and detailed construction documentation, financial requirements and a strategy for attracting investments.

Each investment project that receives funds through bank loans, grants or project finance instruments must be implemented in strict accordance with applicable contractual provisions and standards.

A poorly thought-out and unrealistic project can result in financial and reputational losses for all stakeholders, so engineering teams strictly adhere to established standards.

According to the general definition, the subject of investment and construction engineering is the construction, expansion or modernization of engineering facilities limited by a certain place, time, artificial and natural environment.

Before embarking on the implementation of the project, the initiators must clearly understand the current framework and limitations of the contracts.

Investors generally prioritize the selection of reliable contractors, acceptable investment costs and the initiator’s own financial contribution, and a professional and realistic project plan and goals.

Stages of the investment project implementation do not necessarily follow each other in the specified order. More often than not, they overlap each other to create a holistic process.

Financing construction engineering and investments projects

Before starting any project for a company, it is important to clearly define the start-up and operating costs that correspond to the resources that a business can allocate.

Financing large investment projects is a global problem in any business related to the issue of the cost of capital.

In construction engineering and Investments, it is important to match future financial flows with the necessary start-up and operating costs.

The initiator must secure adequate external funding for the successful smooth implementation of each phase of the project.

Project financing can be carried out using various sources, including self-financing from the company’s internal resources, large bank loans, share issues, leasing, budget subsidies, as well as complex project finance (PF) instruments.

External financing of an investment project is based on the use of borrowed funds from banks and other financial institutions, subsidies and other sources.

Funding for many public-private partnership projects is based on the PF model.

In general, the problems of investment and financing are closely related.

Any financial decisions made by a company affect the price of its shares, the degree of risk and the cash flow.

Viola Funding Limited is ready to provide your business with long-term project financing and large investment loans for the implementation of projects in the fields of energy and industry, agriculture and infrastructure, mineral processing, etc.

Investment and construction engineering: our services

Viola Funding Limited conducts detailed research and prepares a report, on the basis of which the project participants can make the right decision in accordance with their investment intention and, if necessary, make adjustments.

The peculiarity of modern investment and construction engineering is that a diversified company offers a full range of services necessary for the project implementation.

From project financing to professional operation and facility maintenance.

Management of construction and investment projects is a responsible and complex process.

We help achieve these goals by providing an experienced multidisciplinary team of engineering professionals who are ready to provide the investor with an informed opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Our specialists, together with representatives of the investor, develop a complete package of technical and financial documentation for the project.

Using rich international experience and advanced technologies, we help our clients to avoid risky or questionable decisions.

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