Metallurgical plants: Financing and loans viola-funding January 10, 2024

Metallurgical plants: Financing and loans

Modernization of Metallurgical plants: Financing and loans
Modernization of Metallurgical plants: Financing and loans

There are numerous approaches to increase the competitiveness of the steel industry in world practice gave space for the modernization of Metallurgical plants.

Viola Funding Limited, offers long-term loans and advanced financial models to the modernization of Metallurgical plants.

These include optimization of material and energy consumption, focus on innovative technologies and high-tech equipment, improving the quality and expanding the range of metallurgical products, as well as emission reduction.

Reasons for Modernization of Metallurgical plants include the following:
• High material consumption and energy intensity of production.
• Rapid aging and wear of steel production machinery.
• Environmental risks, etc.

The issue of increasing the competitiveness of steel production is of interest to leading engineering companies, steelmakers and investors. Due to increasing demands and standards, costs of equipment modernization may exceed 80-100 euros per 1 ton of steel produced.

Upgrades can include electronic equipment, handling systems, conveyors, blast furnaces, boilers, heat recovery units, and more.

As a rule, we are talking about expensive equipment worth tens of millions of euros, which requires the external sources of financing on a long-term basis.

Our task is to make the modernization efficient and affordable for our clients. Together with our international partners, we offer customized financial solutions along with professional engineering services.

If you are looking for a long-term loan, loan guarantee or refinancing, please contact us.

We are also ready to provide project finance (PF) services for large projects in the steel industry.


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