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Debt financing in USA

Business Debt financing in USA
Business Debt financing in USA

Despite the rapid economic growth in East Asia and other emerging markets, the United States remains one of the world leaders in the implementation of large investment projects using advanced project finance and bank lending instruments. Business Debt financing in USA continues to play an important role in the local economy.

Business Debt financing in USA is widely used in such capital-intensive areas as energy (including the development of renewable energy sources), as well as infrastructure and environmental projects.

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Bank financing of business in the United States of America

The American financial system, being one of the most developed in the world, offers numerous opportunities for business. America and foreign banks provide a variety of loans, contributing to the rapid development of the energy, oil and gas sector, mining, infrastructure and other industries.

Bank lending to business, carried out in the United States mainly by commercial banks, is of great importance, as it helps to meet the needs of business entities for borrowed funds necessary to meet commercial goals and expanded business activities.

Bank loans as a source of borrowed funds perform important social and economic tasks, allowing the rational use of free funds.

American banks provide revolving loans on demand or on an ongoing basis. In the first case, the bank can demand immediate repayment of the debt for any reason and regardless of whether the borrower is in default.

Choosing the best option of business debt financing in USA

According to the Federal Reserve and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the total corporate debt of American companies has already exceeded $ 10 trillion, and this is far from the limit. Low interest rates in the United States allow companies to actively use borrowed funds for their current activities and future projects, but this is not the only factor to consider.

Company managers need to determine from which sources of financial resources the capital of the enterprise will be formed. The financial condition and the prospects for the financial and economic activities of the business in the future will depend on this. Optimization of the capital structure is a process of permanent adaptation of an enterprise to changes in the environment of its functioning in accordance with changes in trends in the economic system. Debt financing plays an extremely important role in this process.

Business debt financing in USA is an instrument with a long history that ensures development of business in a highly competitive environment.

The choice of sources of business debt funding is based on a comparison of costs, tax effects, potential conflicts of the parties, legal restrictions, current market indicators, etc.

Most often, American companies use the following debt instruments:

• Bank loans providing large sums of money, including with the possibility of prolongation (revolving loans, targeted loans). A strong banking system with a long tradition and a reliable financial base opens up ample opportunities for business financing at home and abroad.

• Commodity loans (for example, the supply of strategic products under a special contract in some industries, such as agriculture).

• Leasing, the benefits of which for US companies can be tax benefits and accelerated depreciation.

When implementing any investment project in such a competitive market as the United States, the company faces a number of operational and financial risks that require the right choice of financing model.

Operational risk is the volatility of cash flows and the business environment of the company.

Financial risk arises mainly from the attraction of borrowed funds.

Internal sources of business financing

The production of any goods, services, benefits is associated with costs. Sources of business finance in the United States have evolved over the centuries, and over this historical period they have become extremely diverse. In general, these sources are subdivided into equity and debt capital. Equity is the main source of funding for American companies. It includes the authorized capital, retained earnings and other receipts (targeted funding, donations).

The sources of financial resources are all the income that the company has in a certain period and which are used to implement projects and cover current expenses.

The founders can use any material assets, including buildings, structures, equipment, raw materials, securities, as well as intangible assets.

If it becomes necessary to liquidate the company or withdraw a participant, the founder usually has the right only to compensation for his share within the residual property, but not to return the assets that he transferred as a contribution to the authorized capital. Thus, the authorized capital reflects the company’s obligations to investors.

External sources of business financing are temporarily free funds from other companies, households, and in some cases from the state. Borrowed funds in developed economies are widely used to finance the development of an enterprise on a repayable basis.

Business Debt financing in USA can be provided to enterprises for the following purposes:

• Construction, expansion, reconstruction and re-equipment.
• Purchase of movable and immovable property.
• Implementation of environmental protection measures.
• Working capital replenishment (short-term loans).

The rapid scientific progress of the United States and fierce competition require constant efforts from local businesses to maintain market share, which in practice means capital-intensive activities, including R&D and the implementation of large projects in various fields.

For this reason, American business needs not only short-term financing, but also long-term loans (including leasing and various bank investment loans for a period of five years or more).

American companies that widely borrow funds in the form of a bank loan or bonded loan have a higher financial potential for economic growth and increase in the return on equity.

Business debt financing in USA is well developed, thanks to a strong and diverse financial system with a long history and a solid legal framework.

In spite of all the advantages of debt funding, such an enterprise may be exposed to financial risks and the threat of bankruptcy if the share of borrowed funds in the balance sheet liability exceeds 50%.

These and many other aspects should be taken into account when deciding on the choice of a source of financing, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty.

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