Long-term investment planning for large companies and infrastructures viola-funding August 11, 2023

Long-term investment planning for large companies and infrastructures

long-term investment planning
long-term investment planning for businesses and large companies

Viola Funding Limited has put together a multidisciplinary underwritten teams and experts from various fields to provide clients with comprehensive services and support in the implementation of long-term investment planning for  projects around the world. In a rapidly changing global environment, investment activity contributes to maintaining a market position and expanding business.

We offer:
• Long-term lending for large companies.
• Project finance instruments (PF).
• Investment engineering and consulting.
• Project management.
• Financial modeling.
• Credit guarantees.

Our projects are successfully operating in Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico and a number of other countries. Please contact us for details.

The basic functions of long-term investment planning in business.

Achieving success in the context of long-term investment planning requires a constant search for the best ways to increase the accumulated capital and improve ROI. The priority goal of each business entity is to maximize the income of the owners, which should result in an increase in the market value of the company.

Long-term investment planning contributes to the achievement of the following goals:

• Accumulation of financial resources and increase in the market value of the enterprise.

• Financial resources and increase in the market value of the enterprise

The second type is financial investment, including the use of company resources to purchase bonds, stocks, and other securities. This is another aspect of the long-term investment strategy, which is necessarily present in large companies with significant financial resources and capabilities.

In general, financial investments can be divided into two types:

• Investments in equity capital.
• Investments in debt instruments.

The criteria presented above make it possible to understand how wide the range of forms of investment in business is. These forms and instruments, among other things, underlie the development of a short, medium and long-term investment strategy for any large company.

Stages of implementation of investment projects

Planning of investment activity is based on the development of investment plans, as well as on the formation of an investment management portfolio

A long-term investment plan is developed based on the concept of the company’s investment policy. This investment strategy defines the main objectives of the investment policy, taking into account the needs caused by the mission and strategic goals in the context of business development.


Long-term investment planning

long-term investment planning for businesses and large companies

Long-term investment planning requires the following:

• Development of a detailed model of the future business activity of the company.

• Forecasting the investment climate and the requirements of the company’s adaptation to changes in the external environment for the implementation of investment projects.

• Forecasting the investment market situation and searching for investment opportunities.

Long-term investment planning is considered a critical element of the development strategy of large companies and investment projects

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