Investments for the cement Plants and Long-term loans for the industry viola-funding July 17, 2023

Investments for the cement Plants and Long-term loans for the industry

Financing models for cement plants
Financing models for cement plants and investments in the industry

The global modern cement industry is embracing changes such as big data processing, real-time monitoring, smart plants, custom-made concrete products. The cement industry remains one of the most energy and capital intensive industries in the modern economy. For many decades, global investment and long-term loans for cement industry has shown steady growth, occasionally interrupted by economic crises. An industry with more than a century of history has undergone a radical transformation as a result of previous industrial revolutions. Today it is undergoing new changes as a result of the introduction of digital technologies.

Viola Funding Limited offers a full range of services and long-term loans for cement industry, including project financing for large projects.

We are ready to attract bank loans, as well as funds from private investors and other sources of funds for your project. contact US to learn more about our services.

long-term loans for cement industry: Investors and lenders should consider

In the future, information on raw materials for the cement industry will be available to plants in real time, including the quantity, status of limestone and clay reserves in the quarries. Like other industries, the cement sector is actively developing and strives to become a self-organizing sector in a smart ecosystem.
However, the transformation of the industry towards a smart ecosystem will be gradual. The transition to the digital economy has just begun, and for now, businesses with different value creation models must coexist.

Operation and maintenance: Production will be optimized based on historical and up-to-date supply and demand information, providing full visibility into production capacity, costs and customer needs.

At various stages of production, the involved cement plants will be able to carry out most of their tasks with limited or more specific human intervention.

Raw materials: Quarries must inform cement plants about the reserves and quality of minerals, or give appropriate signals otherwise.

Logistics: This requires the use of computer technology and additional investment in the training of logistics managers and other responsible personnel. Logistics in the cement industry could be more flexible if it was based on real-time order information. The result is better capacity allocation, faster and more accurate shipments, and therefore fewer rejections.

Clients: By the broad term “customers” we mean consumers, institutions, universities, associations and other private or public entities who buy, use, research, promote, standardize, innovate and make important decisions in the cement industry.

The effectiveness of investments and loans in the cement industry depends on the quality of interaction with customers. Customers are an integral part of the smart ecosystem of the cement industry, as well as the last link in the value chain and the driving force behind the modern business model.

Investment in cement plants: loans and services

Viola Funding Limited is a UK-Channel Island loan and lending institution offering a collateral-free funding for large investment projects, engineering and legal services for the cement industry in Europe and beyond. Our team is ready to develop customized financial models and lending solutions for financing the construction of cement plants, quarrying, etc. We also offer direct investments in the cement industry, including lending and construction, expansion or modernization of existing facilities.

Our project finance schemes with a proponent’s contribution of 10% help companies to bring ambitious projects to life.

We are ready to act as a general contractor for the construction of cement plants under an EPC contract. Advanced technical solutions are used by dozens of customers in Europe, Latin America, USA, Middle East, East Asia and North Africa. The geography of our services is constantly expanding, allowing us to use new experience for your projects.

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