Steel mills: financing and loans viola-funding June 23, 2023

Steel mills: financing and loans

Financing and loans for steel mills construction projects
Financing and loans for steel mills construction projects

The steel industry over the years has developed into a complex and capital-intensive industry, combining several levels from the extraction of metal ore to high-tech rolling production. Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy development which is based on large interconnected projects of mining and processing facilities and foundries, requires colossal investments, including Financing and loans for steel mills supported by a favorable market environment, expensive research and development and mature legislation of the host country. In the face of financial crises and uncertainty, raw material prices are predictably decreasing, which creates certain financial problems for the steel industry and requires more flexible production policies and advanced project financing models.

Innovative project finance instruments for the construction and expansion of steel mills, along with long-term loans for equipment upgrades, could prove to be a life-saving business revival opportunity that helps weather the crisis and strengthens its position in the global marketplace.

Viola Funding Limited offers long-term financing and loan for the construction of steel mills, including project finance guarantees and SPV

Problems of financing and loans for steel mills in developing countries

Finding innovative models for financing steel mills is a critical challenge for governments, specialized steel companies and financial institutions seeking to overcome negative trends and strengthen local economies in a highly competitive global commodity market.

A number of social, economic, technological and geographical factors emphasize the strategic importance of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy for the economy of the current exporting countries of metal products.

Project finance for the construction and modernization of steel mills is based on a flexible combination of external and internal sources of funds, but the ratio of these sources always depends on the projected financial flows of a particular project, the state of the investment market and, accordingly, on the results of professional analysis of the project at the pre-investment stage.

Expanding partnerships between government and private capital in the framework of project finance contributes to the long-term sustainable development of the sector, improved project management efficiency and improved financial performance.

Viola Funding, is ready to offer its valuable business contacts and significant financial resources to solve your business problems.

Models for financing the construction and modernization of steel industry

The predominance of internal resources in the structure of financing the construction and modernization of steel mills is mainly due to the desire of companies to use depreciation as the cheapest source of funds. However, this situation is typical only for certain periods of economic development and certain limited circumstances, when the attraction of external funds becomes problematic for the steel industry or a specific company (investment project).

For this reason, in developed countries, the share of depreciation charges in financing capital investments reaches 40% and is considered an important source of investment funds for the implementation of large capital-intensive projects in the steel industry.

Funding projects through the issue of shares is an expensive measure that requires significant fixed costs for the professional issue and placement of securities.

Companies from Russia, Ukraine, India and a number of other developing countries have practiced this approach to one degree or another.

Long-term loans for equipment modernization

A key condition for maintaining the competitiveness of steel companies is the creation and maintenance of highly efficient and environmentally friendly production, whose products meet strict international quality standards. For a number of countries, the problem of equipment wear and the low technical level of foundries remains urgent, many of which have been operating without serious modernization since the second half of the twentieth century.

Attraction of large borrowed funds for the modernization of steel mills is becoming an acute problem for metallurgy.

Viola Funding Limited is ready to provide you with a long-term loan on favorable terms. We also offer the services of a professional engineering team developing technical documentation for new blast furnaces, rolling mills and other equipment.

opportunities and benefits of Project finance for steel mills

Project finance (PF) means structured financing of economically and often legally separate entities, provided against the future financial flows of an investment project and not dependent on the assets of the initiators of the project.

PF is widely used by steel companies to implement capital-intensive projects in high-risk environments. A special project company (SPV / SPE) created within the framework of this concept acts as a borrower and serves the debt. The lifespan of this company is usually limited to the life of the project.

We are ready to provide financing from 50 million euros and more on flexible terms, guaranteeing comprehensive support from our financial and legal specialists.

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