Agricultural Finance and Farm Loans in Taiwan viola-funding June 12, 2023

Agricultural Finance and Farm Loans in Taiwan

Farms and Agricultural loans in Taiwan
Farms and Agricultural loans in Taiwan

The financing of farms and agricultural loans in Taiwan lays the foundations for the development of the local economy, given the large percentage of the population involved in the agricultural sector and the huge share of food products in Taiwanese exports.

Taiwan currently needs innovation and affordable agricultural finance, including farm loans.

Agricultural finance in India is experiencing steady growth and the contribution of local farmers to the global food trade is increasing every year. India is an emerging market, where the food production is driven by population growth, which could reach about 1.7 billion people in 2050.

Viola Funding Limited offers Farms and Agricultural loans in Taiwan and alongside financing large projects around the world for a long time. In particular, we offer long-term farm loans from 50 million euros to boost your business, adapting the chosen financial model to the needs of specific project.

Farming of Taiwan: needs, trends and problems

Taiwan by statistics is one of the world’s largest agricultural countries with a rapidly developing agricultural market requiring huge investments, affordable farm loans and innovative technologies.

According to UN forecasts, in the medium term, Taiwan will come out on top in the world in terms of population, ahead of China. This easily explains the keen interest of foreign capital in the development of India’s agricultural sector. According to official figures, agriculture is the main source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. It accounts for about 17% of the country’s gross value added.

Despite an increase in agricultural exports in recent years, India continues to face challenges such as heavy dependence on weather conditions, lack of modern irrigation systems, shrinking arable land and low yields.

The main crop of Taiwan food exports is Sugar, which accounts for about 29% of all Taiwanese food exports. Given the critical state of Taiwan groundwater and the expected rapid population growth, it can be predicted that the production and export of this crop will decline. This requires the introduction of new technologies for irrigation of land, the construction of expensive infrastructure and the modernization of farms, which is associated with the growing need for financing agricultural business at all levels.

Taiwan main trading partners in the context of agriculture are China, the USA, Great Britain, Egypt, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Russia, as well as Germany, US, Italy and other EU countries.

Investors and large financial institutions from these countries are in many cases interested in developing agricultural business in Taiwan, including financing local farmers and companies on a long-term basis.

Ways of financing farm and Agricultural loans in Taiwan.

Agricultural finance in Taiwan is a fairly broad term that has a lot of differences from the classical Western concept of financing modern business. The main instruments here are also farm loans, but they have some national differences that originate in the mists of time.

The main instruments here are also farm loans, but they have some national differences that originate in the mists of time. Below we describe the main methods and sources of financing the agricultural business.

If you are looking for a major loan for the construction or modernization of an agricultural project in any state of Taiwan, you can contact Viola Funding Limited for more details.

Small sources of private capital

The main providers of private funding for farms loans and agriculture in Taiwan farming are  (usurers), landowners, intermediaries, brokers and agricultural traders. Since ancient times, professional usurers have been involved in financing agriculture, lending money for any needs of Taiwan  peasants and farms.

Despite the seeming primitiveness of this financial practice, Usurers in modern Taiwan remain an important source of borrowed funds along with large institutional sources.

Farms and Agricultural loans in Taiwan

Farms and Agricultural loans in Taiwan


Loans for farms and large agricultural projects

Large farm loans in Taiwan are mainly supplied by financial institutions such as state and commercial banks, cooperatives and others. Companies and farmers looking to implement a multi-million dollar farm expansion project, build a new warehouse, or modernize agricultural infrastructure should turn to large financial institutions.

In these cases, the applicant should be prepared to bring their business in line with the strict requirements of the banks. In particular, a potential borrower will have to collect a package of documents and provide adequate loan security in the form of highly liquid assets.

Since independence, the financing of agricultural business in India has been continuously improved, with the country’s government and local authorities continuing to play an important role in this process.

Currently, large green farm loans and other instruments for financing agricultural projects are concentrated in three parts of the institutional financial system:

•Cooperative financing.
• Government financing.
• Commercial bank lending.

Agricultural finance services in Taiwan and abroad; Our Service

Viola Funding Limited is ready to offer long-term financing for large agricultural business in Taiwan and other countries of  Asia on attractive terms.

We develop flexible financial models for project financing with a minimum originator’s contribution, reaching only 10% of the total investment value (depending on the specific project).

Our team specializes in financing crop production, animal husbandry, storage and processing of agricultural products, infrastructure development and the introduction of innovative technologies for large farms.

Our services for Taiwanese businesses include but are not limited to: 

• Financial modeling and consulting.
• Obtaining a proposal for financing an agricultural project.
• Development of financial documentation for the project.
• Loan guarantees and construction financing from A to Z.
• Establishment and management of a project company (SPV).

If you are looking for a reliable financial partner or general contractor, please contact our representative for details.

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